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IPS Collect Beats Vol. 1 – (TEL AVIV)

IPS collect beats Vol1 1k

IPS is an indie label based in Tel Aviv, Israel.  This is their first collection of beats, titled, ‘Collect Beats Vol. 1’, and features 12 tracks from artists based in cities around the globe.  It seems as if the classic hip hop sound is making a new wave in this world.  Tune in to the sounds IPS has put together for you.


Zvuloon Dub System

With a heavy middle eastern influence and a passion for reggae, Zvuloon Dub System has emerged as one of Israel’s, and Europe’s for that matter, best reggae bands. Much like the origins of reggae, their most recent album “Freedom Time” sends strong messages of peace and the end of political strife. The members of this band all share heavy ties to the idea of freedom, including the lead singers own personal journey on foot through the desert – from Ethopia to the promised land referred to as Israel.

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Check out Zvuloon Dub System performing live at music festival in Israel!

New Sounds From DOSHY

I think Berlin may be the next “I have to go here!!!” destination on my travel list.  After traveling with my homie, Saar, who lives in Berlin, and hearing all of the glorious stories of the nightlife at clubs that never close, enough art galleries to lose yourself in for a lifetime, and some of the moste beautiful women on the face of the planet, I’ve oficially picked my 2013 New Years destination.  To top it all off, Berlin is home to one of the most explosive artists involved with the worldwide bass scene.  Yes, I’m talking about Doshy. Check the previews of his new tues Get Started and DCU.  Could the bass hit any harder!?  Maybe if he wanted to give everyone permanent hearing damage he could bump the levels up a little bit…enjoy these ones, we’re looking forward to the release!


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