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IPS Collect Beats Vol. 1 – (TEL AVIV)

IPS collect beats Vol1 1k

IPS is an indie label based in Tel Aviv, Israel.  This is their first collection of beats, titled, ‘Collect Beats Vol. 1’, and features 12 tracks from artists based in cities around the globe.  It seems as if the classic hip hop sound is making a new wave in this world.  Tune in to the sounds IPS has put together for you.


Satele – reQUESTed

Ohio never seems to be lacking in the area of talented artists.  Columbus based producer, Satele, just released a nice re-work single of a couple Tribe Called Quest classics, incuding ‘Bonita Applebum’.  The energy is high!


Sevdaliza – The Suspended Kid [EP]


This EP is a great example of where pop music is going to be going in the next year or two. Drawing production inspiration from more underground outlets like Trap, Dubstep, Deep House, and HIp-Hop the EP provides a fresh array of songs. When you mix those inspirations with Sevdaliza’s entrancing vocals and incredible song writing, you get fresh, unique music that will set trends for plenty of others to follow.

Check the sounds below and buy the EP on itunes


Kreesha Turner – MJ

Damn, I hadn’t heard of Kreesha Turner until I saw this video, but as soon as the beat dropped I was instantly a fan. Everything from her style, to her flow, to the aesthetics of the video is amazing. It seems as though she has somewhat reinvented herself since her earlier work, as this sound has more of a raw sexiness to it. Her track MJ is the second single off of her forthcoming album cleverly titled “Evolution Inevitable”. This Edmonton, Alberta native has everything it takes to be a star, and with various Juno and Much music awards she is more than on her way.

Check out the video below and stay tuned for her full length album, we can’t wait to hear more from this girl.

Grainbelt Jones – The Good Evening EP

Grainbelt Jones, Ganjaology

Check these rare sounds from our good friend Justin Lewis aka Grainbelt Jones. Currently residing in Seattle, this Minneapolis native has served us up a quality serving of funky hip-hop breaks to enlarge our cranial cavities. These beats are short and sweet with tasteful tact. Tune in and hear for yourself.

Check out Grainbelt Jones on BandCamp here.


The three tunes below are so beautifully crafted. They have also been given as gifts to us bass music fans as a present by the Kiwi Duo. They have quite a minimalistic sound yet they still manage to keep a rather large sound. The percussion is what gets me initially, and then the genius that surrounds the rhythm sets in. The soothing melodies, the perfectly big ambience, the deep sub, all of its amazing. Check them out, I think you’ll dig.


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