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I’ve been hearing a lot of real dope hip-hop lately.  I was really excited to get this release from Tokyo Dawn Records and Pugs Atomz, BAMA PI.  This is an album you can play from start to finish and not skip a track.  ENJOY!

Future Brown – Room 302 (Feat. Tink)

Future Brown_All White

What do you get when you take good production, sex appeal, and a tight mc? Well, a really good party, but you also get the song “Room 302” by Future Brown and Tink.

This four piece futuristic producer group based in LA and London have linked up with one of Chicago’s top emerging vocalists Tink, to create a truly progressive song. This fresh production, teamed up with Tink’s RnB flavor, creates a smooth tune with a hint of grit to it. Future Brown’s sound has said to have taken influences from both whats going on in the London Grime scene, meanwhile combining the fresh sounds of Chicago Rap and you can hear a touch of both in the song below.

The group’s self titled full length album is set to debut on Warp February 24th, so if you dig this one get set for more to come.

It’s A Jazz Thing (Phillip D Kick Footwork Jungle Edit)

This track goes SO HARD!  The footwork movement has made it’s way out the ghettos of Chicago and into the worldwide bass music scene.  This remix of It’s A Jazz Thing by Phillip D Kick is outstanding.  It’s extremely easy to get your body groovin’ to this track.  Everything from the smooth bass line, all the way down to the tambourine sits nicely in my speakers and mind.  Bump this one!

K. Flay

So I stumbled upon K. Flay’s live set like two months ago and she really stuck in my head. This 25 year old rapper from the north suburbs Chicago has some serious swag, unique flow, and producing game too! She definitely has her own style and I dig it %100. The music sounds like it has electronic and hip-hop influences, keeping nice flowing verses with good melody. She uses some crazy synth sounds and interesting drum samples to keep the music sounding nice and different as well. But enough of me talking, here’s a few videos I thought were worth taking a look at:

First, her official music video for Doctor Don’t Know:

Next, her live performance of (my personal favorite) Messin’ With My Head:

and lastly, an interview to get to know a little more about her:


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